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We only open BUSINESS ACCOUNTS (not personal accounts).

To qualify for a U.S. business bank account you need:

1. U.S. Company with EIN
2. Foreign passport
3. A business website

Guaranteed Bank Account Service.

Successfully passing a USA bank’s due diligence process is the key to getting approved for a USA bank account.

How we do that? 

1. We assign a banking expert to your business in order to review all your incorporation documents, EIN, website , social media accounts and all other required information.

2. We advise you what should be on your website - which exact information the bank wants to see there so you  will be approved.

3. We help you apply for a USA bank account - we go with you Line by line over the application until it is complete.

4. We follow up with the bank to expedite your application and have it approved.

5. After the account is approved - we help you set up your account and debit card.

6. We make sure your card is sent out to your home country address.

7. We help with ongoing questions.

We have the experience  to get you approved.

Opening Bank Accounts Since 2004:

TAX USA is a leading U.S. incorporation & taxation firm established in 2004. TAXUSA has helped over 200,000 founders, business owners and tax payers over the last 18 years.

With our extensive experience we provide our Non-U.S. Residents customers a productive and stress-free experience with their bank account opening process.

Which banks are available for non-us-residents?

There are 2 options:

Option {1}: Big Banks
Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo and more. they require the owner to identify in person and sign account documents at the bank in the USA. So if you can travel to the USA - that is a great option!


Option {2}: Remote Opening

There are only 4 banks in the USA that allow non residents to open account remotely without traveling to the USA. We work with all 4!!! Great option to open your bank account from anywhere.

Banking Experts Preparing Your Business.

Guarantee your bank account approval by using our team of banking experts. 

We will prepare your business for the bank's due diligence requirements. Unlimited live sessions with our banking experts until you get approved by the bank and your account is opened!


We only work with banks in the United States with USA banking license.

We are official partners of many U.S. banks that:

•    Allow U.S residents and non U.S. residents to open business accounts without travelling to the U.S., instead open accounts online and complete the entire onboarding process without visiting the bank in the U.S.

•    Insured by The Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA)

•    Offer complete and powerful online banking allowing the owners of the account to operate the account from anywhere in the world using online banking website and / or mobile banking app. 

•    Offer visa or Mastercard debit card which can be used online and / or offline in any place that accepts cards

Important notes :

1.    The banks we work with are fine for annual sales of 100,000,000$ or less

If you have more than $100,000,000 in annual sales  - you should open more than one account ;

You can start with ours and then later open second account yourself by traveling to the USA in person 


And last thing ;

2.    All the banks we work with include ACH credits and debits . This is the USA system for bank to bank domestic transfer . 

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What are the features of the account?

Below you can find estimated fees for different banking items.