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Please find below link with Introduction to Mercury bank, and complete guide on how to apply for a new account:

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How to Open A US Bank Account For Foreigners (Remotely)

Guys, we only open BUSINESS ACCOUNTS.

So many of you are asking  us:
Can I open personal account in the U.S."?

Well, we are sorry - but no, to open a personal account, you must travel to the U.S. and identify yourself at the bank, with your passport. 

The only option to open a U.S. account remotely, without travelling is a BUSINESS ACCOUNT.

To qualify for a U.S. business bank account you need:

1. U.S. Company with EIN
2. Foreign passport
3. A business website

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Countries that do not qualify for a U.S. bank account:

If you or one of your business partners lives or significantly operates in one of the following countries, we cannot currently offer you an account.

Albania    Belarus    Bosnia    Burundi     Central African Republic    

Crimea    Croatia     Cuba    Cyprus    Democratic Republic of the Congo

Iran    Iraq    Lebanon    Liberia    Libya    Macedonia

Montenegro    Nicaragua    North Korea    Russia    

Slovenia    Somalia    South Sudan    Sudan    Syria

Ukraine    Venezuela    Yemen    Zimbabwe

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How long it takes to open a U.S. business bank account?

It takes about 7-14 business days to review all of your information, prepare any additional required documents, submit the application to the bank and follow up with the bank's new account department until they approve the account.

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Which banks we work with?

We work with relatively small U.S. banks that allow non residents to open business accounts without travelling to the U.S. All the banks we work with are insured by The Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA) - same as the big banks like BOA / CHASE / WELLS FARGO. All the banks we work with offer complete online banking and debit card 

When we select a bank, the most important criteria is the Features and fees:

  • Account opening : Free

  • Minimum deposit: $0

  • Monthly fees: $0

  • Overdraft fees: $0

  • Checking account

  • Savings account

  • Debit Card

  • Savings Account Earnings Rate: 1%

  • Incoming & Outgoing ACH : Free

  • Checks: Free

  • Domestic wires : $0 - $10

  • Outgoing International wires: $40-$50

  • Incoming International wires: Free

The banks we work with are fine for annual sales of 100,000,000$ or less

If you have more than that - you should not sign up with us 


All the banks we work with include ACH credits and debits . This is the USA system for bank to bank domestic transfer . Amazon / eBay / PayPal and other USA e-commerce companies uses the same system

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Which information & documents we need?

  • For each owner:  copy of valid passport 

  • URL address of your Business  website with Company description, and Products / services description

  • Company articles of incorporation

  • EIN Letter from the IRS

  • Have you ever applied or tried to apply for any U.S. business bank account in the past 3 years? f yes: which banks and what was the result?

  • Website in English to show the bank your company. The bank will conduct due diligence on the company and the owners. For that we need:
    a.    Description of your company
    b.    Description of the products / services you sell
    c.    Descriptions of existing or Potential U.S. customers (who are they, businesses, individuals, which industry…)
    d.    Descriptions of existing or Potential U.S. suppliers (who are they, businesses, individuals, which industry…)
    e.    Description of your U.S. marketing activities
    f.    Links to your social media accounts: Linkedin…

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Is the account GUARANTEED?


If you order one of the packages below, Yes, we guarantee account opening:


Package no. 1: “Tax free LLC & GUARANTEED bank account: open remotely from anywhere is the world” - GUARANTEED

Package no. 2: “Already Have an LLC? Add Guaranteed U.S. bank account banking expert to your it!” - GUARANTEED


To get approved you need to follow our process. How does it work?

1. We assign a banking expert to your business in order to review all your incorporation documents, EIN, website , social media accounts and all other required information 

2. We advise you what should be on your website - which exact information the back wants to see there so you  will be approved 

3. We help you apply for a USA bank account - we go with you Line by line over the application until it is complete 

4. We follow up with the bank to expedite your application and have it approved 

5. After the account is approved- we help you set up your account and debit card

6. We make sure your card is sent out to your home country address

7. We help with ongoing questions 

I bought a package without GUARANTEED BANK ACCOUNT. How do I upgrade?
If you ordered the “
Tax free LLC and Bank introduction: open remotely from anywhere” package and still want the GUARANTEED BANK ACCOUNT, you can add it to your package: Click to add> 

If I do not want to add the GUARANTEED BANK ACCOUNT?
In our “
Tax free LLC and Bank introduction: open remotely from anywhere" is the world!” package you will apply for a U.S. bank account yourself, using our interactive guide and referral, but we do not guarantee the account opening.

Why it is not recommend? 
Successfully passing a USA bank’s due diligence process is the key to getting approved for a USA bank account. If you try to open the account yourself - you risk rejection because you are not familiar with the USA banking laws and don’t know what exactly the bank is looking for in order to approve your application for a new account.

That’s what we do for you.

We guarantee you will pass the due diligence prices and get approved .

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